Dr.Bitange Ndemo visits Go sheng Services

TECHNOCRAT Dr Bitange Ndemo the former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communications is currently steering a campaign to lower the cost of accessing ICT (Connectivity, Hardware and Software) in Kenya and the region. He is at the fore-front of developing the demand-side of ICTs by actively promoting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in urban centers to showcase ICT entrepreneurial opportunities through digital villages in rural Kenya.

On January 15th 2015, Dr. Bitange Ndemo visited Go Shengs offices at the invitation of our Executive Director, Duncan Ogweno. The meeting was to meant to explore entrepreneurship opportunities and sustainability strategies for Go Sheng but as soon as the conversation began, the core of Go Sheng's existence, that is, the Sheng language and culture took center stage and the conversation eventually evolved to energy conservation and finally rested with the ICT sustainability prospects for youth in the country based on government policies. What was intended to be a one hour meeting, turned out to be a three hour exhilarating collaboration of great minds.

Dr( Ndemo wasted no time in publishing an article, on his weekly Nation Media's Online blog about Go Sheng and the Sheng language and culture.(See article here).

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